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Did you know?

In the production process, quality assurance and quality control, or the process of “looking” at each grain to determine the quality and appropriate price, is still done manually by in a time consuming and expensive manner.  

For example, rice quality assurance takes 1-2 hours to examine one sample of rice (~25 g) and costs around 4 dollars/ton.

Imagine, if a rice milling factory wanted to buy 100 ton of rice, they would have to inspect 120,000 kernels, spend about 400 dollars and waste at least 100 hours for the rice quality assurance process .

Not to mention, the mistakes that human tends to make for doing the same thing over a long period of time or the fatigue that follow. 

Who wouldn’t wish for a better solution?

Our Solution

That's why we would like to introduce, "M100 Rice Quality Assurance Machine", the machine that can assess rice quality in only a few minutes with just a few taps.

All you need to do are placing rice on the machine, choosing the standard you wish to see and tapping the start button on the touchscreen.

We use artificial intelligence so that the result is accurate, doing research with people from the rice industry and follow the standards from the ministry of commerce so that it can be used in the real world and improve trustworthy in rice industry with the scientific standard.

What we achieve...

Receiving Grant 10,000 THB

Receiving Grant 300,000 THB

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with Depa

Recieving Grant 200,000 THB

Receiving Grant 1,000,000 THB

Recieving Grant 3,500,000 THB

Smart QA Machine and
Big Data

Smart Quality Assurance, Smart Quality Control and
Big Data Analytics


Blockchain and
Transparent Trading

technology used

Ai & Machine Learning

Big Data & IOT

Cloud & Security


Smart Inspector AI Machine

Better Quality Assurance, Precision Farming & Soil Research and Market Place

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